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This course is designed for improvement in English. we cover the grammar part on the implementation base with teach us how to use Grammar in spoken part. This is a whole 3 months of programme. in 3 months we can give you gurantee that student will surely improve, because in 3 monts of programme we have categriose it in three parts.


Introduction: Personal Info & Family Tree Discussing About Days, Months & Time Accurately Cultural Awareness Introduction of Grammar Detailed Discussion of Tenses Detailed Discussion & Usage of Articles, Conjunctions & Prepositions Names of Fruits, Vegetables, Parts of Body, Dry-Fruits, Animals & Their Off-springs and Flowers Basic Level Subject-Verb Agreement Name of Seasons, Weathers, Common Diseases & Medical Professions Common Conversation Starters For Beginner Level Introduction of Punctuation & Its Usage In Sentences Synonyms & Antonyms Its Usage In The Sentences Vocabulary Building Basic Level Presentation Topics Letter Writing Body Language

Our Methodologies - How We Bring Out The Best
  • Learning through activities
  • Audio sessions
  • Reading sessions
  • Lecture with discussion
  • Translation in group
  • Group discussions
  • Entertaining way of learning
  • Allow everyone to participate in an active process
  • Play skit
  • Pictured based teaching

Learning was never easier than before


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